The Production Package or Package is a graphic document that has all the information about your project needed to understand it clearly. It displays the creator’s vision and provides data about the story and the project as a whole. It is normally used to get funding or bringing someone special on board. It is normally presented along with a pitch, although it can also be mailed or emailed or even delivered in hand to the person you’re looking to get to.

The Package is a great producing and funding tool and since it can be quite time consuming, we’re here to lend a hand.


Pitching is that moment you have to present your project to someone, usually to get funding or bringing someone on board. It is a combination of storytelling, selling, public speaking and entertaining, if the person you’re pitching to gets hooked, you’re on the other side.

Pitching can be quite difficult for many reasons, maybe you don’t feel comfortable speaking in public, or you’re having trouble summarizing your project or simply if you feel there is so much to it that you can’t tell it in a short time, but whatever it is, we can help.

Whether you want to pitch yourself and need help doing so, or if you feel like somebody else should do it for you, we have your back.